Your Favourite 8 Asanas

‘Handstand is one where you really, really have to put the work in. And when I say work, I really mean do it ever y day. Build up your confidence by doing it against the wall, but your main concern is that you have a straight back and you don’t end up taking it into the lumbar spine (again!!). The best way to use the wall for this is to kick up however you want, and then instead of let ting the legs fall against the wall to catch you, bend one knee so that your foot taps the wall instead of taking both feet there, and then you keep the integrit y of the pose in the rest of the body, and the back doesn’t bend. You want to engage your posterior chain, which is the muscles all down your back body. The glutes are incredibly impor tant!!! The glutes are the stabilisers for the hips, so once you’re up or if possible on your way up, you want to engage the glutes as much as possible and squeeze the legs together so ever ything down the posterior chain is switched on. The balance comes from your fingers….the knuckles are ver y slightly raised and you grip the floor with your finger tips. The strength also ver y much comes from your deltoids. Once you’re confident against the wall, it’s time to break free and star t working out your balance point….the only way to do it is try. And of course, you want a strong core to hold you up too.’

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